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Some weekend wear…

22 Feb

The great thing about living in Northern Virginia is that you are pretty much within a couple hours from Ocean City or Virginia Beach. This past weekend, we headed down to celebrate our sister-in-law (hub’s brother’s wife to be specific) birthday!! The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. Chilly at times and windy (windy as in I almost was blown away..seriously) but still great weather!! This is what I wore to dinner at P.F. Changs (mmmmmmm….the lettuce wraps are to die for). Enjoy!


Black Blazer-Zara


Black Tights-DKNY

Black Pumps-Guess

Blue Belt (for a little pop of color)-Charlotte Russe




Sunsets and Sandals….

17 Feb

I cannot believe that today in the Washington, D.C. area it hit 70 degrees. In this area, that is UNHEARD in February. Maybe in April, but NEVER in February!! It felt so good to walk outside and not wear a big ole coat, scarf, gloves, snow boots…etc. And, tomorrow its going to hit 70 again!! But, of course, in true D.C. fashion, we have a chance of snow next Tuesday. Yes, really.

I picked up this cute little dress at Target on clearance 2 weeks ago for $7. But, as it usually is with clearance sales, my size wasn’t left. But, I had to have it…I fell in love with the ruffles. Today, I paired it with a snug cardigan so the dress wouldn’t look so big. The bottom of the dress is the star of the dress anyways, so I didn’t mind covering the top up.

Brittany (check out her blog here) , a good friend of mine, tweeted last week that she didn’t know how she felt about open toe shoes and tights paired together. I told her that I would post an entry on the blog about it. I have to say that I have fallen in love with the trend. This is the first time its making to the blog though. So, this entry is for her!! Enjoy!

I’m so glad that the sun is going down later so I can take some pictures right after work. Yay!

Grey Cardigan-H & M

Heart Necklace-Forever 21

Black Dress-Xhilaration (Target)



A surprise, but not really…

10 Feb

If you been following me on twitter, you know that I’ve been sick…again. But, this time, I went to the doctor’s and got some meds, so I’m feeling a LOT better now!! So, remember when I was complaining saying that Gap’s clothes seem to run big? Well, this is one of them. I was in Gap during lunch a couple of weeks ago and I came across this skirt on the sale rack…it was perfect. Two little buttons at the top AND pockets??!! YESSSS…. I look in size four…none left…size two…none left…size zero? Seriously? Like, I know I’m petite, but the lowest I’m usually able to fit is a two..on a good day. But, I really fell in love with this skirt, and decided to give it a try. And, it fit! But, then I remember, oh yeah, its Gap…and everything runs big….lol. So, thanks Gap….this time, I’m happy your clothes run big because I just HAD to have this skirt. The end. Excuse the wrinkled shirt and skirt. I didn’t know it looked that bad until I saw the pictures…lol.

Another P.S.-I saw that Monkeyface had iher’s on the other day and I got really excited. Check out her blog to see how she styled her’s!!

Black Button Down Skirt-Express (from like, a million years ago)

Purple Skirt-Gap (on sale for $10!!! Whoot whoot!!)

Tights-Have no idea…I found them at the button of my sock drawer and there was no tag…i

Shoes-Nine West (oldie but

I promise I wasn’t mad in this picture, I though I got a splinter, but I didn’t, so don’t

Don’t ask me why I was cheesing in this picture.  Maybe the hubs did something…I can’t

Classic Blazer…

8 Feb

A blazer is an essential piece to every waredrobe. I had been on the hunt for the perfect black blazer. Not too short, not too long, just right. And, I found one on New Years Day at my favorite store at Zara for a steal at $40. I had seen one at places like forever 21 and H & M, but they were way too long for my 5’0 (5’1 on a good day) height. But, as soon as the hubs and I walked into Zara, it called to me and is now making its debut on the blog. I paired it with a Christmas gift the hubs got me, my favorite booties, and my Falling Whistles Necklace that I blogged about here. I thought it would be the perfect day to wear my new favorite piece because its submit your classic blazer looks over at Everybody, Everywhere. So, here it is!



Black Classic Blazer-Zara

White Long Sleeve Shirt-Forever 21

Tan Corduroy Pants-American Eagle

Black Booties-Rouge

 Necklace-Falling Whistles (Read more about them here)




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