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Ocean Blue…

18 Apr

When I first saw this pretty blue dress hanging up in one of my favorite thrift stores I try to visit at least on a monthly basis, all I could think of is the Ocean. And Ocean means spring/summer time, so yay for that! I wore this for the first time back here. It looks a little different now in the sun. Still, I’m so in love with this dress and I think its one of my best thrift finds yet to date. Plus, the fact that it was half off which brought the price to a whopping $2.50 makes it even better. So, enjoy this fabulous dress I wore. Its a great way to brighten up Mondays.


Dress-K.C. Spencer (thrifted)


Randon Black Purse-thrifted


Sunglasses-Birthday gift from the hubs





*Disclaimer-these pictures were actually taken yesterday on Sunday. It didn’t seem so short then, but when I got up this morning, I realized it was a tad too short for work, so I put a plain black skinny dress underneath so it wouldn’t show all my goods at work….lol…

Maxi to the Max…

12 Apr

The lovely ladies over at Everybody, Everywhere are hosting Maxi day!! So, I went to my closet and pulled out this dress I got last summer to take with me to Jamaica. Its only the second time I’ve wore this dress…..sad, I know. I actually didn’t wear it to day either…I wore it Sunday, but that will be our little secret. I paired it with a denim jacket and the infamous dany Jessica Simpson platforms that a lot of my fellow fashion bloggers have also fell in love with. The hubs got these for me for Christmas (actually, I told him I wanted these and ordered them myself, but he did wrap  So, enjoy!!






Maxi Dress-Forever 21

Denim Jacket-Abercrombie & Fitch

Platforms-Dany Jessica Simpson




      Surprisingly, they are comfortable…I mean, I didn’t run a marathon in them, but still…lol.. .plus, I loved being so tall, even though it was temporary…..



Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear

I miss you…

5 Apr

I miss you (my readers) sooooooo much!!!! I know, its been like, 2 weeks since I’ve blogged. I’ve been fighting with school…..and so far, the score is 1-1…..But I’m almost done…only 5 more weeks of this full time job thing and school full time!! Cannot wait!!

Anyways, Washington D.C.’s weather has been crazy. It was definitely 75 this past Monday (Today (Tuesdays)..53. I wish the weather would just make up its mind. I’m really sick of all this back and fourth…

Onto the outfit. I wore this out outfit this past Monday. The hubs bought this whole outfit for me (minus the shoes) for Christmas. The hubs has always been really good at picking outfits out for me, which is great for me because I get some pretty good stuff out of him.  I’m really hoping this 2 weeks between posts won’t ever happen again. Just life gets so busy sometimes!!

We are off to LAS VEGAS tomorrow for 3 glorious days!! Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting all my outfits. Which will be fun, because I’m NOT checking a bag and have only packed 1 pair of shoes and I’m wearing a pair to travel in (shocking I know). We are being cheap and saving the $100 we would have to pay to check bags to go shopping while in Vegas. The hubs doesn’t know that yet. I’ll go tell him now. Maybe not. Enjoy!



Khaki Skirt-Zara

Brown Sandals-Nine West