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10 May

The ladies at Everybody, Everywhere are at it again and this time, its Florals!!!! The floral pattern makes me smile so much! Its puts me in an instant good mood!!! I paired this floral dress with a bright red blazer. The dress is kind of see though, so I wore I black skirt underneath! Enjoy!!


Dress-Forever 21 (Thrifted)

Blazer-Nordstorm (Thrifted)

Black underneath skirt-Forever 21

Black pumps-Guess


Florals | Everybody, Everywear

The lucky one….

7 May

So, this morning I had breakfast with the hubs and my mommy. Afterwards, I took my mom and treated her to a wonderful pedicure ( a little pre-mother’s day celebration). After I dropped her off at home (she had plans later) I decided to try my luck at one of our local thrift stores. I usually give this certain thrift store a once every 6 months try; I usually NEVER fine anything in there. I grabbed a few shirts and two skirts to try to and on my way back to the dressing room, I passed the shoe section. I NEVER find shoes in thrift stores; they are either those really old lady looking shoes with the one inch heels or they don’t have any good ones in my size. But, then, I spot a gorgeous pair of black pumps. I pick them up and to my surprise they were in GREAT condition. Besides a few scuff marks on the bottom (to be expected) they were perfect. Who sees the bottom anyways??!! And, to my surprise, they were Michael Michael Kors. My first thought was who brought in these perfectly black pumps to the thrift store?? They are a classic staple that every women needs and needs at least 3 pairs!! I know Michael Michael Kors pumps usually will run anywhere from $150 on up so REALLY imagine my surprise to find out that these shoes were a merely $10. Yes, I did just say $10. I ran to the register and brought these babies home (along with a beautiful pink skirt that will making a debut  soon).  I usually like the boxes for all of my shoes…but for a pair of $10 Miachel Michael Kors classic black pumps? So worth forgoing the box….This is what I wore to dinner out with the hubby…enjoy!

And, a special shoutout to the hubs for these shots…the new lens is AWESOME!!

Polka Dot shirt-Material Girl via Macy’s

Tan pants-Old Navy

Black Belt-Thrifted

Black Pumps-Thrifted Michael Michael Kors


Love the back of this top…..

They are ready for their close up….lol…


A new toy…with a little bit of silver…

1 May

So, in case you were wondering, the hubs choice of camera is a Cannon 5D. Well, last week he got a new lens, more specifically the Canon 70-200 2.8L, which I have no idea what all that really means, but all I know its a really good lens!! So of course we had to test it out! So, these are the pictures we took! Enjoy!



Necklace-Forever 21

White shirt-Old Navy

Cropped Jeans-Gap

Silver Sandals-Manolo Blahnik

(These are actually my wedding shoes…I put them on just for the pictures and the feelings I had when I put them on the day of the actual wedding all came back to me…lol…these shoes are magical…these are my Cinderella shoes, except I’m actually living my fairytale)