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A favorite….

27 Sep

So, this is one of my favorite dresses I have in my closet now. Why you say? Pretty much everything…the color…the pattern…the length, the detailed bottom. And, the best part…on sale at gap for $10. Enjoy!



Black Pumps-Thirfted Michael Michael Kors

Why, hello there sun bumps…lol..

Speaking of Bangkok…

18 Sep

The hubs and I recently took a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand and I can pretty much sum up our whole trip in one word…AMAZING!! The city itself, the attractions….the food…oh the food…the shopping…everything was totally amazing!! Below are just a few pictures we took over the course of our trip…enjoy!!

¬†First stop..The Grand Palace…

I had to get at least a couple of outfit Sidenote: it was about 100 degrees outside (well, not exactly 100, but still. On the palace grounds, women can’t wear anything above their knees and no tank tops. My t-shirt sleeves were cutting it close, but I was still able to go without my sweater.

T-shirt: H & M

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Sandals: Kenneth Cole

Sunglasses: Ray Ban (gift from hubs)

That cute little camera you see me holding is our new toy…the Leica X1. Takes awesome pictures and perfect for vacation trips if you don’t always feel like lugging around your Canon 5D plus all the lens that go with it.

Oh the traffic…lol…

And, of course I had to leave you with a picture of THE malls of all malls. SIAM CENTER! This mall had it all and then some…EVERY store you can possibly think of (Chanel, Hermes, Gap, Zara, Gucci, Balenciaga) and then throw in a Aston Martin and a BMW dealership along with a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and an Aquarium…yes, an aquarium. Oh, and I almost forgot about the AWESOME food court. And, its not your average food court. All top of the line food eateries and then when you are done there, you can stop at the grocery store and pick up dinner for the next day…totally insane but so awesome…but NOTHING on my thrift stores back home….lol.

And, I’ll leave you with these gorgeous views from our first night where we had dinner at The Dome at State tower. You might recognize it from Hangover 2. Dinner was good…overpriced, but you are really paying for the view. And, for that…it was worth it.

Guess who is back……

15 Sep

I’M BACK!!!!! Sorry, I really had no intention of taking a 4 month break…but well, life got in the way.

One HUGE change that happened is that the hubs and I moved halfway across the world. I’ve never lived outside of northern virginia and then bam!! Here we are! Was I scared? Yes….am I’m excited for the adventure? Heck yeah!!

So, with moving out of our first home and packing all of our stuff up, going to school FULL time in the summer…I’m sorry to say that the blog took a backseat…but we are quite settled here and I think its high time I start my little ole blog back up…. :-) So…here I am!!! I must say, it feels great to be back!!


Shirt: A recent purchase from ZARA (my FAVORITE store) on our trip to Bangkok! :-D

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Besty Johnson